Monday, August 4, 2008

Good News !!

Good News!!

I actually get to come home over my short break :) I didn't think I would be able to make it back to Sturgis since the break is pretty short and traveling is expensive.. but thanks to my wonderful Mum and Dad I have a flight! I fly in on the 18th and am there for a little over a week :D I can't wait to see everyone and catch up on everything I have missed!

Classes are wrapping up now with Finals are all next week. I am pretty excited to have this term be over. I am really excited for my fall classes :) I had a wonderful summer term. I had some amazing teachers, classes, and not to mention my wonderful student ward. Things have gone pretty well for me out here so far.

I am off to class now but I just wanted to give you all a little update. Hope all is well :) I will SEE YOU SOON!


So, basically one night we had nothing to do. We sat around thinking for quit some time of all the amazing things we could do... and we could not come up with much. Finally, we decided to be Ninjas... oh yeah we are just that cool:)

oh yeah here we go!
Here is Ben being.. well Ben :)
This was one night that I will never forget....

Decade Dance

Here are a few of my roommates and I all dressed up for our first stake dance. We all went to D.I and got the best outfits we could. We had an amazing time getting all ready. Makeup and hair were by far my favorite part! :)
Liza and Bekah

The dance was amazing.. It was so much fun!


Okay so I have to get going on this blog thing. It is totally new to me :( I will have to have Sheridan my amazing roommate help me out. She seems to get everything about blogs.... I have a lot to learn. I have decided that it will be a lot easier to inform everyone about everything I am doing with my life on a blog rather then give each person little bits and pieces. I will try to write on here often and get you all lots of pictures :)