Friday, November 6, 2009

A long week....

This week just seemed to be so long. Each morning I would think, at least things will be better once today is over. Then each night I would realized that the next day was just as crazy and just as packed. I had 4 tests this week, 3 papers due, cooking for my dinner group and my council for church, 3 extra labs, and everything else. The only thing that kept me going was realizing how much more my amazing roommates had going on. One is getting married in a few weeks... another works and goes to school and is always busy.. and the other has a work load that I can not understand... another is in the hospital ... it is just crazy. I pretty much have the most amazing roommates ever:) I am just happy that it is finally Friday and the weekend is here.

I am getting so excited for thanksgiving so that I can finally have a much needed break from school!