Thursday, May 27, 2010

it's been.. awhile...

Okay.. okay .. okay I know I should have been doing a better job with writing and updating on here. I will try to do a better job.

Home is going pretty well, but I am getting very excited to head back out to school and see all of my amazing school friends. I miss my roommate more then anything! I am actually getting pretty excited to start school again and have school there to structure my days:)

One of the things I miss the most when I am out at school is being in a family ward. I love being home and being able to teach in Primary. I love it .. I love the songs and I love the kids. Right now I get to

be with the sunbeams and they are simply.. amazing. They are some of the kids I had last summer in nursery. They are so full of energy and suck almost everything out of me.. but that is why it is so fun. I have about 5-6 kids each week. Each one comes with a very unique personality and ideas. It is so fun to watch them learn and interact, I think they teach me more then I will ever teach them. I will miss them so much when I am back out at school.

Elise is finishing her last day of high school... and then reality will kick in for her that she has to pack, clean, and getting ready for her open house, summer term, graduation, and so much more. It is fun to see her go through all of it and realize how I was when I finished up high school.

well, I promise to do better.. and I will update more often :D